Exam Board: AQA

The A-Level German course is hugely rewarding. Class sizes are usually small which allows for more concentrated time with the teacher. There is also the expectation for all students to be well prepared, as homework often forms the basis for discussion in the next lesson.


More successful students carry out their own research on the topics which they are studying and regularly listen to German radio in their own time. Self-drive and a desire to being immersed in the language is key to success at A-Level.


Paper 1 – Listening, reading, writing

Paper 2 – Writing

Paper 3 – Speaking (30% of A-Level) 21-23 minutes


80% exam, 20% speaking examination


General Sixth Form admission requirements and at least a grade 6 or above in GCSE German, though a grade 7 is preferred.

Where can it lead?

An advanced qualification in German followed by job specific training: or a qualification where German is a component, giving breadth and an international dimension to another subject.